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About Ximu

Hangzhou Ximu Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd which is a husband and wife company that established in year 2017.

【--Why would we want to do a company?】

【--We take initiative to solve problems.】

【--We work with factory to get better quality.】

【--We build our own brand to make it a long road.】

Ximu keeps a strong focus on product quality, which is viewed as the core of business. To ensure the product quality, the company sources the High Quality Standard Material for products and all the production process are strictly done in accordance with ISO9001 International Quality Management Standard.

We are near Ningbo and Shanghai, which enables logistics optimization and fast response to the international market. With such a strong background, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the best products and services.

Our main markets are the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, Europe, North America. We welcome clients from all over the world to contact us for business cooperation.

【We are doing what we want to do.】

【We are doing what we like to do.】

【We are doing what we are willing to do.】

【Join Ximu, be our friends and business companion. We grow strong with you.】


Contact Us

Contact: Moni

Phone: 86-15715789521

Tel: 86-15715789521

Add: China.Zhejiang Province.Hangzhou city.Xiaoshan District.Yinong Town.

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